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Friday, October 22, 2010

K*Lovely's TUF 12 Recap episode 6

This episode begins with Johnson getting stretched out in the other team’s dressing room. Koscheck is giving Johnson a hard time telling by telling him things like he’s fat, out of shape etc. Of course the moment Johnson starts dishing it back out to him and the other coaches they give him the boot. How typical, they dish it out but can’t take it.

Team Koscheck is sitting around discussing, for the first time, how they should pick the next fight. The coaches start talking things over with Marc Stevens about McKenzie and Sayers. The team seems a bit concerned about him fighting McKenzie. They ask him if he can stay away from the guillotine and Koscheck states that no matter how McKenzie acts and looks, he knows how to win. Stevens is confident that he could beat McKenzie but he’s had it in his head that he would fight Dane. Either way Stevens is sure with either opponent he will win.

Back at the house Johnson is still upset how the yellow team acted after their first team win. What do you expect though? Koshcheck’s douche-ness has to rub off on the fighters. I do have to say that Steven’s dance was pretty entertaining. Later in the evening Koscheck comes by the house to help in the celebration. When he gets there you can see his teammate’s chest get a little bigger. While he’s there, he and Johnson continue to have words. Koscheck continues on with calling Johnson fat and out of shape. Johnson argues with him for a bit and tells him he right on point with weight and then he asks him why he’s being a dick. Of course, Koscheck doesn’t feel he’s being a dick at all. So what do you call a coach who encourages his teammates to rub a victory in their opponents face….a nice guy, a role model? Face it Koscheck, you’re a dick. It would have been funny if you fell on your ass when you were jumping of that ledge. Yeah, I saw that!

Koscheck makes the next fight announcement and it will be Marc Stevens against Cody McKenzie. After the announcement Cody does some sort of chin check to Koscheck. This upsets the members of team yellow. I can understand why they are angry. I think its right for any of the fighters to put their hands on any of the coaches. The coaches are there to help you succeed and they should be respected. Yes, even Koscheck deserves that respect.

We start to learn a little about Cody. He starts talking about how un-athletic he is, how little he knows about wrestling, but when the time comes he’ll be ready to grab a neck if given the opportunity. I think he had one of the best lines of the episode. He said “I like to have good times and I like fighting.” Who could argue with that?

At the training center Koscheck and the other coaches talking with Stevens and their biggest point is for Stevens not to shoot in and get put in a position where he’d get caught in a guillotine. Stevens is beyond confident that he will not get caught in McKenzie’s infamous guillotine.

The boys jump on the scale, make weight, and now it’s time to fight.


Before the fight begins Stevens holds up his glove to McKenzie to see if they’re going to touch gloves and McKenzie shacks his head no. Fight starts and McKenzie comes charging toward Stevens. He throws a quick punch that backs Stevens up a bit and then throws a kick. Stevens blocks the kick and goes for a double leg takedown. On the way down McKenzie gets a hold of Stevens’s neck and before you can blink McKenzie has chocked Stevens out with the guillotine.

After the fight Koscheck was in disbelief. He stood there shocked and all he could do is pull out some chapstick and apply it to his lips. He says that the loss gave him an “eewie” feeling. He’s calling the other team dorks but he uses the word “eewie.” C’mon Son!

In McKenzie’s dressing room GSP is talking to his fighters. He’s reminding them not to get cocky. He says that kind of attitude always comes back to hurt you and there is no place on his team for that nonsense.

Back in Stevens’s dressing room, you could hear the crickets because it was completely silent. Everyone was down in spirit and had no words but Pham breaks the silence with a “WOW”

With no time to waste GSP makes the next fight announcement. It will be Jonathan Brookins and Sevak Magakian. GSP feels Brookins is his secret weapon and nobody, not even Brookins, knows how good he is.

Brookins likes meditation and seems to be a very mellow dude. He still considers himself a baby in the sport. GSP seems very impressed with Brookins. Unfortunately, during training GSP and Brookins heads collide and GSP is cut above his eye and needs stitches.

Koshcheck attempts another lame prank on GSP by hiding one of his sandals. While GSP is looking for his sandal Koscheck happens to notice the cut and begins his trash talk. All GSP heard was “blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.” GSP just let it slide and found his sandal and moved on.

Next we get to see some of Sevak’s training. He is a lot more intense than Brookins. He likes the hard training and fighting. He has a lot of power and Kos feels him and Sevak are similar in their styles and personality.


Sevak throws a hard punch to start the round. The punch misses but he follows it up with a high kick. Sevak looks like he’s going in for the clinch but Brookins throws Sevak. Sevak tries to work from the botton but Brookins gets his back and uses the fence to get a much better position there. They hold the position for a while and Sevak is trying to fight Brookins off. Sevak goes to block a punch so Brookins uses the opportunity to sneak in a arm and gets a rear naked choke on Sevak.

This episode had two great fights and next week we get to see the coaches challenge. I always look forward to those and really have all the faith that, like the fight in December, GSP will win.

That’s it for me folks. Don’t forget that UFC 121 is this Saturday! We will be tweeting live from the weigh-ins on Friday and from the fights Saturday night (@woMMAn). Make sure to give us a follow. Check us out on Mondays http://wommanthoughts.blogspot.com for my weekly Rampage thought, not to mention our recaps on the latest fights and sometimes just plain silliness. You can always check out my TUF 12 recap on http://fisttacuff.com . Remember people, always keep it real. I’m out!!!


Monday, October 18, 2010

T-Dubb's TUF 12 Week 5 Recap

Wednesday's episode was less dramatic than the previous week's, although Bruce Leroy tried to pull a prank and pissed off the one person who’s really talking to him. I don’t understand the need to mess with people. It’s not like you’re locked in a padded room with a bunch guys and have absolutely nothing to do. You’re only there for a few weeks, so get over yourself. Koscheck is just as bad. I don’t get him at all. What is he trying to do, prove that he’s a jackass? We already know that, so he’s just proving us right. He tells his team that they need to be focused and work hard, listen to your coaches, and then he acts like a 2 year old the entire time. How can you take someone like that serious? And he’s not funny.

It’s great that each team has the opportunity to work with and talk to people that they admire. Koscheck team had the pleasure to work with Jon Fitch, who K*lovely loves, and Mr. Liddell graced them with an appearance that had the guys cheesin’ all over. They probably had the same look on their faces that K*Lovely and I had when we meet Liddell for the first time in Vegas. Such a great memory. We’re such dorks. I don’t know about you all, but I really like GSPs French friend Jean Charles Skarbowsky. He doesn’t look like an athlete of any caliber, but he handled the guys like they were rag dolls.

Ladies, did you notice the nice camera shot of GSP shirtless? I’m sure you did. How could you not notice? You know they purposely put that in there for us to drool over. How many times did you rewind? You can look, but just remember he’s mine.

Spence Paige vs Nam Pham

This week’s match up was Spence Paige vs Nam Pham. Round 1, Paige dominated most of the round. He consistently throw punches and leg kick’s to Pham’s legs and body, while Pham was throwing 1-2 punches or kicks for every 5 that Paige threw. Towards the end of the round, Pham blocked a kick, which took Paige down to the ground for ground and pound punishment and a submission attempt until the bell.

Round 2, begins with much of the same stuff as the 1st, but you can see after the first 30 seconds Paige is hurt. He was more defensive than offensive, much of what he tried to do didn’t land, and he you could tell that he was just trying to survive the round. Pham wins the fight, which sucks for GSP’s team, because of course Koscheck and his team did nothing but gloat. You have an immature leader, you celebrate in immature ways. Getting back to the fighters. I liked both. Personally, I prefer guys who are disciplined in multiple skills. Pretty much all we really saw were punches, some kicks, and a submission attempt. These guys are young and still have time to develop.

Well, I really hope that GSP’s team wins the remaining fights, because it is ridiculous that Koscheck is acting this way. I guess this is some type of motivating therapy for his team and part of their acting classes. Next week will probably be “How to Act Like a Jackass Part 2.”

We’ll see on Wednesday what happens.


Friday, October 8, 2010

K*Lovely's TUF 12 Recap episode 4

The show opens up with highlights from the previous episode where we saw Michael Johnson become victorious and kept Team GSP in control. During the highlights we see that members from Koscheck’s team are a bit upset at Caceres for yelling things like “beat the shit out of him” during the match. They felt as if that was disrespectful and unprofessional. I suppose he could have used a better choice of words but in the heat of the moment people can say just about anything.

They head back to the dressing room and Tyson is giving a pep talk to the team on confidence and telling them to never be “scurred” All of the guys are listening closely, including the coaches. Having someone of that caliber come in and talk with the team is certainly exciting and the gleam in all of their eyes proved it.

Moving on to training, it’s Koscheck’s team up first. He is reminding the team they are down 2-0 and that is unacceptable. Koscheck is kicking up the notch in training and is really pushing the team. This time around the team has no complaints. They are angry and seem very motivated. I agree with Koscheck, hard work does pay off.

Back at the house Sevak is still upset over Bruce Leroy’s actions at the fight. What I find funny is pretty much all of the guys are outside, including Bruce Leroy, and Sevak and Lentz are talking loud enough for everyone to hear. It never occurred to them to have a man to man conversation with Alex and explain their frustrations. I think Alex reacted the way anyone would who heard crap being talked about them. He defended himself. As he continued to do so Sevak gets more and more irate. He finds the closest thing to him, which as a napkin and throws it at Alex and then gets up to rush him. Alex doesn’t flinch, but Nam Phan is there to hold Sevak back. It’s pretty funny to me how this kid can easily get into their heads. Smarten up fellows; don’t let him ruin your chance to play with the big boys. After it’s all said and done, Sevak goes back in the house to calm down and Alex finds it funny.

After the heated night the show moves on back to the gym. GSP is pulling up and to avoid confrontation he parks his car in a completely different area. Inside Koscheck asks him about the new parking spot and GSP says “I don’t want you prank me.” How can you not love GSP?

Now it’s time for GSP to make the fight announcement. He chooses Kyle Watson to fight Andy Main. Koscheck is happy with this match up and feels this is the fight where he will gain control. He feels Main is better than “old man Watson.”

Koscheck comes up with another attempt to get into GSP’s head. This time he is walking around in a Speedo telling his team that’s how they will train from now on. He says that must be the secret and GSP says it works. Koscheck asks GSP why he trains and fights in those, meanwhile he is standing there scratching his ass like some kind of hillbilly. You can tell GSP is not letting any of this get to him. Remember Koscheck, this is not GSP’s first rodeo.

Before the fights we hear Koscheck give his team their own pep talk. He is frustrated that they are losing close fights and he can’t stand “losing to a French guy.” He tells the team they need to start competeing the way they train in the gym. Koscheck has a one on one pep talk with Main and tells to believe in himself and the game plan for this fight is for him to be on top and to use his power against Watson. Main believes this is exactly the kind of motivation he needs to go into this fight.

I have to say I like when Danaher gives his analysis of the fights. He talks as if he is giving you some top secret spy information. It’s awesome! He explains the pressures both fighters have going into this fight. He say Watson is the “unofficial team captain” and the older of the group, the other team members look up to him and to keep the momentum. Main on the other hand has the pressure of coming up with his team’s first win. Danaher says that kind of anxiety can play with a fighter will and endurance. We see Team GSP do a little role play for Watson to help shake his nerves and it’s time for the fight.


Round 1

The fighter touch gloves and the striking begin. Each fighter gets some kicks in and Watson pushes Main against the fence. Main is able to get Watson’s back standing. Main is trying to sink in a rear naked choke and Watson has the tough job of supporting Main’s eight on his back and fight off the choke. Watson is trying to control his arm but Main is sneaking in some punches and elbows to Watson’s face. Main is slipping and Watson goes to the ground. As they scramble for position Main is now looking for an arm bar but Watson escapes that as well. Watson is able to get side control and lands a few good elbows, but Main is also active throwing punches of his own. The round ends with Watson on top.

Round 2

Main comes out with punches and kicks to start the round off. Watson moves in closer and Main hits him with a nice kick to the body that backs Watson up bit. Main then comes after him with a flying knee and the fighters stand and exchange. Watson gets the takedown and gets side control and starts dropping some elbows. Main is trying to get back to his feet but gives up his back. Main tries to fight him off but Watson sinks in a rear naked choke and Main taps. Team GSP is now 3 -0.

We see Koscheck throw the first mini fit of the season and kick a chair. He’s upset that Main did not stick to the game plan. He feels it as another close fight and if Main had stuck to the plan he could have won.

That wraps up another episode. You can check back here or http://fisttacuff.com for another recap every Thursday. We are also getting closer and closer to Rampage’s next fight so don’t forget to check back here on Monday’s for my weekly Rampage thought. We would love to hear your comments, predictions, gripes etc on Twitter (@woMMAn) so drop us a line. TTFN!!!